Zzzzlonely rosalina by devilofjustic
Vital statistics
Position Unknown
Age Unknown ( maybe 2 years old)
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height 4.8
Weight 2.4
Azmaria who appears in the series for the time being
Zzzzlonely rosalina by devilofjustic


azmaria has a pink hat and light red eyes and she has silver hair and she wears a pink white and yellow dress with sleeves on her arms and she wears pink knee-boots and also she sometimes goes barefoot on her dress and hat she wears sometimes and her outfit is base on some anime show


Azmaria is a sweet and a wonderful girl who likes to hang out with friends and she sometimes play video games however she always cooks for her friends and her new friends that she meet for her time. azmaria worse fear that she is scared of ghost zombies bats and spiders because every time she sees them she looks scared and she is to afraid to complete her fears and also she has a crush on arrow the hedgehog because she cares about him every time arrow gets too close to her or around her she blushes and she sometimes smiles when arrow gets to close to her and also she is the only female person who does not argue with her friends and any other people she never gets mad at her friends because she always cares about disco arrow jin and a few others and her 4 favorite people that she cares mostly are madoka disco arrow and jin and also she was created by madoka 2 years ago and also azmaria never lies and she never gets in any trouble and she sometimes have her feelings hurt by shiny because shiny don't like her cooking. however azmaria dont like lies because she hates when one of her friends lied to her plus she just trying her best to get her friends to get along and she dont like her friends hurting each other. azmaria always help her friends even if they are in battle and try to find the astro emerald azmaria trys to protect her friends from getting killed. azmaria worse deep fear is being alone in the dark without her friends around she always sleep by herself in her room but she sometimes dont plus she sometimes sleep with one of her friends room like arrow disco and madoka when she said she scare being alone by herself sometimes. she sometimes had a bad dream about her friends are killed and she's all alone in the world with out her friends and she dont like losing her friends because she cares so much about them and she hates being alone when her friends are killed. the best thing she likes to do is hang out with her friends sometimes and talk to them. Edit

Things that she likes Edit

  • Hanging Out with Her Friends
  • Arrow The Hedgehog (love interest)
  • Cooking For Her Friends
  • Singing
  • Playing Video Games (most of the time and sometimes)
  • Her Friends
  • Adventures
  • Helping Her Friends
  • Waffles (favorite breakfast)
  • Spaghetti (favorite food)
  • Being Happy
  • Go To The Beach
  • Having Fun
  • Hot Springs
  • Saving The World
  • Madoka The Light (her creator)
  • Bianca The Hedgehog (her best friend)
  • Looking At The Sunrise
  • Being Ticklish
  • Chocolate Candys (favorite candy)
  • Hot Chocolate
  • Baking
  • Time For Herself (sometimes)
  • Her beret
  • Getting New Outfits
  • Her Dresses
  • Her Flower Dress
  • Eating Heathy
  • Pop Tarts (2nd favorite breakfast)
  • using her lip gloss

Things that she hates Edit

  • seeing her friends gets hurt
  • Ghost (worse fear)
  • Zombies (worse fear)
  • Bats
  • Spiders
  • seeing friends fight each other (but not when they train)
  • Charmy
  • being alone in the dark (sometimes)
  • being alone with out her friends around
  • lies
  • using rough language
  • violence
  • getting injured
  • getting lost in some dark aeras
  • getting her feelings hurt
  • getting her stuff stolen
  • losing her beret
  • being mad
  • seeing arrow gets hurt badly
  • seeing her friends gets killed
  • getting drunk
  • Spicy Food
  • Drinking Soda
  • Tails Doll (dont know much about him)
  • Being Clumsy (she sometimes knock stuff down and drop stuff sometimes but its not her fault for being clumsy)


  • azmaria is the only female character in the series does not argue with anyone including her friends. bianca madoka and sapphire always argue with there friends when they get angry about something. plus bianca does not argue with azmaria because she is azmaria best friend.
  • azmaria name is base on the anime character from the anime series called Chrono Crusade.
  • in Sugar Rush Episode of Disco Adventure Begins Azmaria age was revealed by madoka but she was cut off by her after madoka talking to blitz but many of azmaria friends does not know how old she is but even so madoka created her 2 years ago so that means that she might be 2 years old or maybe her age is unknown.
  • it is unknown that azmaria is immortal or she aged.
  • azmaria is the only character in the series that never lies even so shiny is the one who lies sometimes and being lazy and he sometimes blames azmaria for stuff and he said that azmaria make him miserable and she lies but azmaria is not the type of person who never lies and make shiny miserable but it turns out that shiny is the one who lies about everything and does not have a simple job and no skills and no record.
  • azmaria is the only character who does not used rough language but some of her friends used rough language like shit fuck dipshit ass hole and jackass.
  • azmaria is the only character who is clumsy sometimes and knock stuff down and drop stuff but its not her fault that she is clumsy and mess everything up.
  • azmaria is the only female character who does not have any powers but azmaria is too scared to fight because she don't know how to fight and she gets scared and run away but she can still help her friends out and she goes on adventures with disco and sonny sometimes.
  • azmaria is the only female character who has long hair behind her back.
  • azmaria is the only character who never lies about anything.
  • azmaria is the only character in the series who has red eyes. but she has light red eyes instead of the original.
  • azmaria realize that she was save by arrow after she met him and arrow save her from a evil villain name eggman even that azmaria never see eggman in her whole life however she was tie up in the middle around the magma and arrow came and save her and arrow blow up eggman ship and it went down the forest so after he rescue her azmaria say thanks to him and she told him that she sprained her ankle and arrow carry her home so thats costing her to have a crush on him.
  •  in season 4 azmaria will go to her modern design meaning that she will have a new look with a different hairstyle with bangs making it its first appearance in the series, but her new design is similar like her current design, however her new design sprite will be blue with a blue beret and boots instead of pink, despite of her modern design her dress that she wears in 3 seasons will still be the same with a different color like blue instead of pink but the white part of her dress will still remains.
  •  in some video episodes azmaria sometimes gets hurt and injured in the battle.
  •  it is unknown if azmaria might confess her love for arrow it is still unknown that it might happen in some point in season 4 or season 5 of the sprite show or in some sprite shorts.
  • it is unknown why shiny hates azmaria in the first place not because he is lazy.
  • azmaria said she dont wear make up because she dont do that kind of stuff.
  • one of disco friends said that is azmaria wearing red lip stack and she said no she dont wear red lip stack and she dont do that but her favorite color is pink witch means that she likes pink lip gloss even though she does not use it.
  • it is unknown what kind of animal is azmaria is depending of other species. she might be a hedgehog or some different type of species.
  • azmaria is the only character in the series so far who does not get angry and mad at her friends. even though azmaria dont like getting mad and angry at her friends she just want to have a nice day and be happy and she is trying her best to get one of her friends to get along.
  • Azmaria dont know who's the tails doll is after one of her friends asked her maybe perhaps that she has never met him yet and dont know much about him.