Disco World Battles is the first season of the series and it was post on youtube on March 2 2013 and its a online sonic sprite video created by sonicgalaxy27 on youtube and the tools that other sonic spriters used to make those characters is Regular paint to create fan characters and post them on the internet even so the characters belongs to SEGA and some other youtubers put down on there box below there videos and they said they don't own anything they belong to the owners who made them so the fan characters idea was made by sonic classic spriters name chiefshadow81 in 2008 on youtube.

Fan CharactersEdit

  • (sonicgalaxy27) Disco the hedgehog                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

Sprite Series from other channelsEdit


Trivia Edit

  • this is the first time that this series has new characters even so some youtubers do sonic sprites and add there own characters as well.
  • in Disco World Battles sonicgalaxy27 said that he forgot to add neox in the show but neox was meant to appear in the first season but he did not appear at all for some possible reasons.
  • some characters names from the series is base on the real names from other anime series.
  • this is the the only page that is edit on this wiki about this series in season 1 but more edits on this wiki will come soon about more in this series and characters.
  • this is the first series to have a opening but its short.