Kill to the death
Season season 3, Episode episode 1
Vital statistics
Air date july 19
Written by Unknown
Directed by Unknown
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disco adventure begins 2 Edit

the episode is episode 1 of season 3


disco joshua and arrow are trying to find out who kill azmaria but something un expected came up after they fight pride members the killer shows up and she is gonna fight disco friends after that the killer name veronica is gonna take down disco friends and she told joshua and arrow about she kill azmaria after that arrow was shock and 1 minute later his eyes turn red and he is gonna kill her.


disco the hedgehog (me)

and a few more


  • it is unknown why veronica kill azmaria the truth will be shown soon.
  • this is the only epsode and series that sonny the fox does not appear at all even that disco said that sonny will be back in the science convention soon but sonny will not appear in the season any time soon.
  • this episode revealed that sanna might have a crush on disco but this might be a mistake in this episode.
  • it is unknown that azmaria will come back to life or she might be dead for real.