Sugar Rush is is the third episode of the series in Disco Adventure begins.

Plot Edit

It all started when azmaria wakes from her room she talk to joshua in the kitchen after that joshua is going to say something to her but after that he fail because azmaria is going to say something to him after she did she make some donuts for her friends and then they said it was awesome and they like her cooking but 1 hour later she went over to disco house and disco said he is going to run some errands after azmaria left his house and after she did she give bianca her donuts after she give it to her bianca went crazy and take off so azmaria ask one of her friends to stop her.

Characters Edit

  • disco (sonicgalaxy27)
  • azmaria
  • madoka
  • shock the hedgehog
  • joshua the hedgehog
  • blitz
  • charmy
  • ray
  • bianca

Trivia Edit

  • This episode reveals that Azmaria's age is unknown.
  • The title card has a misspelling, "Suger Rush".
  • This episode reveals that Azmaria can cook.
  • After Madoka cured Bianca, she and Azmaria wear pajamas.
  • this episode shown that joshua got a new look
  • this episode reveals that charmy is still kick out of espio house even that he burns people houses and his own house as well in some people sprite videos charmy was kick out of the house by espio even so that espio can't stand charmy for burning his house it is unknown that espio will appear in the series.